• How do I join CliniDo if I am a doctor?

    You can join us through the “Are you a Doctor” page on our website or download the CliniDo Doctor app.

  • Is CliniDo a mobile app?

    CliniDo is a website and app available on iOS and Android. You can download it on your phone from the Play Store or App Store.

  • Does CliniDo provide home visits?

    Yes, it does. You can book a home visit from CliniDo app and website.

  • Is CliniDo available to book medical tests at home?

    Yes, CliniDo will provide you with a reservation for any medical test, and a specialized team will connect you to take the sample from home.

  • Does CliniDo app serve Upper Egypt?

    Yes, it Does. CliniDo provides all healthcare services in Upper Egypt governorates, including Assiut , Minya , Sohag , and Qena

  • Can I choose the best price to book a doctor from CliniDo app?

    Yes, from CliniDo, you can determine the price to book a doctor that suits you in the specialty you need, and it will show you the doctors available for booking at the price you set

  • Can I know all the information and services that the doctor provides from the CliniDo app?

    Yes, you can access the doctor’s profile. And discover all services they provide and see the patients’ reviews.

  • Can I book from CliniDo for all medical specialties?

    Yes, CliniDo provides you with booking in all medical specialties, even subspecialties that you can book.

  • What is the customer service number in CliniDo?

    CliniDo customer service number: 01201111344. You can call them at any time, and they will help you find what you need.

  • Can I select the gender of the doctor from the CliniDo app?

    Yes, after you select the specialty you need, you can determine the gender of the doctor, and it will show you the suit results to choose.

  • Can I speak to a doctor through a CliniDo app?

    Yes, you can speak to a doctor from CliniDo for any medical consultation in all specialties anywhere.

  • Can I upload the prescription and tests to the doctor through CliniDo app?

    Yes, Clinido will provide you with a prescription, tests, or any important paper for the doctor you consult online through the app

  • Does CliniDo app serve Alexandria?

    Yes, it does. CliniDo provides you with a booking for healthcare services in Alexandria.

  • Does the CliniDo app allow me to book a doctor in another governorate?

    Yes, it Does. CliniDo is available for you to book a doctor in any other governorate while you are in your home.

  • How can I reach medical topics on CliniDo app?

    CliniDo provides a blog with various medical topics in all medical specialties, which you can refer to anytime.

  • How can I make sure that a doctor's booking confirms through CliniDo?

    CliniDo will send you a confirmation message after each reservation, including your full booking details, address, and the number of the clinic.

  • Can I book for another person from CliniDo app?

    Yes, CliniDo provides you with the option to book for anyone of yours from our app on your mobile, register their data, and we will send them the booking details.

  • Can I go back to my previous reservations on the CliniDo App?

    Yes, you can return to the list of your bookings on the CliniDo app and see the details of your previous reservations at any time.

  • Can I select several doctors as my favorite doctors?

    Yes. You can add your favorite doctors to your favorites list through CliniDo App.

  • Can I add a medical topic as a favorite article, so I can return easier?

    Yes, you can add the article you like to the favorites list and return it anytime easily and quickly.

  • Can I book a doctor on the same day from CliniDo?

    Yes, you can select from CliniDo “available today” and select that suits you.