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You need to know that …

  • CliniDo is a mediator between you and your healthcare provider and does not replace him/her

  • Only the doctor is responsible for writing the prescription

  • The doctor or service provider does not prescribe drugs listed on the schedules of narcotic drugs, non-therapeutic drugs, and some other drugs that may be harmful due to the potential for misuse

  • All patient data is used according to the laws and regulations in the Arab Republic of Egypt


Yes,You can book a home visit from a doctor or nurse from CliniDo app and website in the specialty you need.
CliniDo offers you a home visit from the best doctors or home nursing service
First, choose the type of service “ visit a home doctor “, then choose the specialty you need, Then choose your governorate and area, then type your name and address in detail and phone number.
CliniDo provides home visit service in all medical specialties.
Give injections and caniola installation, make TV rays on the abdomen and pelvis, installation and removal of catheters, post-operative wound care services ,Cardiogram work, care for the elderly, ECO radiation work on the heart and others.